Quality at Winchurch Transport

We are constantly striving to achieve and improve the quality of our business and of our service to our customers.

Business Profile

Winchurch Tranport is an expanding transport business which is customer driven and has passion for reliability and flexibility. The logistics business is rapidly changing as customers continually look at ways of reducing costs and therefore the service offered by .

Winchurch Transport needs to adapt to this challenge. Winchurch Transport provides a small scale (1000 square foot), short notice and flexible warehouse facility.

Winchurch Transport is located in Plymouth, one of the largest cities in the South West. Its location is central to the Devon and Cornwall customer base, which the company serves, and close to the A38, one of the two main arterial roads in the region.

Winchurch Transport customers include the following:-

  • Prime Customers
  • Transport Companies-business subcontract to Winchurch Transport.
  • Winchurch Transport has a fleet of small, medium and large size vans suitable for carrying documents, parcels and pallets up 1000kgs and a 7.5t lorry for larger haulage solutions.

    Business Aims and Mission

  • To be the sameday transport firm of choice for businesses who need a dedicated one drop per vehicle delivery service in the Westcountry.
  • To provide a range of logistic services e.g pick and pack, storage and onward delivery in support of the service.
  • To provide a reliable value for money professional courier service to any part of the country at short notice day or night seven days a week with a simple pricing structure and no hidden extras.
  • The success of Winchurch Transport depends on the ability of the company to understand and meet customers needs and expectations. The Quality Policy and business procedures have been designed to ensure that the company can meet these objectives..


    To expand the operational base of the business and continue organic growth.

    Process for meeting Financial Requirements

    A regular opportunity and risk analysis is carried out in order to understand risks that threaten the quality of service and customer satisfaction and also take advantage of business opportunities.

    The needs and expectations of stakeholders and also assessed to determine their likely impact of the business.

    Significant opportunities and risks from both risk analyses are addressed in the Planning process.